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eDiscovery is a relatively new phenomenon. Federal and state courts, on a daily basis, seek to define the contours of attorneys’ and clients’ obligations with respect to electronic evidence, including proportionality, preservation, and production. TechLawLogy tracks the intersection of technology and law, with an emphasis on trending issues in eDiscovery under federal and state rules concerning eDiscovery.

U.S. Supreme Court Poised to Make Sweeping Decision on the Privacy of Location Data

Braxton Padgett Thursday, 28 December 2017
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Figuring out how innovative technologies fit within the framework of those constitutional protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights has been an ongoing dilemma for courts. Electronic surveillance has been particularly troublesome, as new technologies allow law enforcement to obtain information that would previously have been unreachable, calling into question the extent to which the Fourth Amendment protects individuals against such intrusions. The U.S. Supreme Court now stands on the precipi...
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