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The Arcade “2.0” is a recognition that the simple legal issues that once walked hand-in-hand with a traditional video arcade have now been displaced by sophisticated, complex legal issues ranging from patenting the algorithms that allow video games to operate, attempted regulation by State legislatures of gaming content that is protected speech under the First Amendment, to money laundering by using virtual currency.

The Implications Of The First Amendment On Augmented Reality Games

Braxton Padgett Monday, 23 October 2017
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While certainly not the first application to use the technology, the 2016 summer sensation Pokemon Go brought augmented reality gameplay to the forefront of the American consciousness. Augmented reality games utilize the camera of a device, such as a cellphone, to overlay images on top of the real world and create the impression that the images are actually there. In the case of Pokemon Go, developer Niantic, Inc. utilizes augmented reality technology to scatter virtual creatures called Pokemon ...
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