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Election and Political Law

Watson LLP’s political law clients include elected officials, candidates seeking elected office, and businesses. The election and political laws at the federal, state, and local levels are both daunting and complex. Political figures must be aware of the panoply of laws designed to govern their behavior, and they must conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards. We help keep our clients out of harm’s way by advising on establishing campaigns that are compliant with campaign finance at the federal and state levels, and making political donations that do not run afoul the pay-to-play laws that restrict contributions by state and local government contractors.

On those occasions when our clients find themselves to be the subject of an administrative complaint, whether filed by a political opponent, advocacy organization, or disgruntled employee, the firm stands ready to defend the claims before any Election Commission, as well as in any parallel criminal proceeding initiated by the government.

We understand that allegations of violations of the election and political laws are inherently sensitive in nature. Our lawyers are adept at using their professional discretion to discover facts that are consequential to the underlying political issues, in order to achieve our clients’ desired results.

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