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Fashion Law

Fashion law is the body of law that addresses all legal issues arising throughout the life cycle of a garment or fashion accessory. The diverse areas of law implicated by fashion law from a designer’s mind to a consumer’s closet include intellectual property, textiles, business, international, and government regulation.

Throughout history, fashion has been the subject of legal regulation and more increasingly, there is a burgeoning love affair between fashion and the law. An increasing number of lawsuits are filed each year in the fashion industry, generally within the realm of trademark dilution due to “knock off” or counterfeit goods that usurp the expected profits of fashion houses. In a world that is becoming more flat and digitally connected, e-commerce, combined with mass marketing, makes trademark dilution a real and imminent threat to designers.

With offices in the major fashion industries in the United States, Watson LLP focuses our fashion law practice exclusively on representing domestic and foreign designers in litigation to protect their brands from trademark dilution, and negotiating licensing agreements to assist our clients with clothing distribution, royalties, and copyright protection.

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