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Federal White Collar Criminal Defense

White collar crimes are complex and involve a highly evolving area of the law, as Congress continues to be more aggressive with extending the reach of many federal criminal statutes.  White collar crime refers to those crimes that are both nonviolent and led by a financial motivation. Typical white collar crimes include Ponzi schemes, fraud, cybercrime, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, moneylaundering, identity fraud, and access device fraud.

The stakes in federal white collar cases are serious. Prosecutors can, and often do, seek significant time in prison as punishment for committing a white collar crime. The days have long passed where one who commits a white collar crime could expect only a sentence of probation. Simply put, punishment for white collar crimes, by reference to the federal sentencing guidelines, can be no less severe than for violent crimes.

Watson LLP has a demonstrated ability in defending clients in a variety of federal white collar matters, including illegal gambling, bribery, public corruption, bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, postal fraud, access device fraud, moneylaundering, and conspiracy. Federal white collar criminal defense is a significant practice area of our firm, and we represent business professionals, public officials, and everyday people in sensitive matters in federal courts. We offer the personal attention to criminal cases that you should expect from a small, white collar boutique firm, backed when necessary by the resources of a large firm.

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