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Internet & Privacy Law

The Internet has singularly changed the ease at which information can be shared around the globe. Compounding matters is the fact that Internet law, unlike other areas of commerce, lacks historical traditions to help settle conflicts. Instead, Internet law is generally developed by judges attempting to resolve Internet disputes by using preexisting legal frameworks designed for traditional problems. As a result, Internet law is a highly evolving practice area that desperately tries to keep pace with innovation.

Privacy is one of the biggest challenges posed by the Internet, and most businesses who have an Internet presence are subject to State regulation even in States where they do not actively conduct business. Should a hacker gain unauthorized access to your business’ computer network and obtain personally identifiable information, many States require that you disclose the security breach to the affected persons. Failure to provide the requisite notice to those affected could result in liability and significant penalties. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to obtaining legal advice in the area of Internet and Privacy law.

Watson LLP assists clients with a wide range of legal issues arising from Internet law, including copyright and trademark infringement concerns when creating websites, domain name disputes, terms of service and website agreements, cybersquatting, online defamation, trade libel, unfair competition, piracy, revenge porn, illegal downloading, online gambling, cybercrime, online federal and state privacy laws, and social media best practices.

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