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Sometimes litigation is the only option parties have to resolve a legal dispute. When litigation becomes absolutely necessary, it is imperative that you retain aggressive counsel to both push your case forward and to implement a winning strategy to achieve your desired results. We have a passion for winning lawsuits.

Whether the matter involves a bench or jury trial, Watson LLP has experience litigating and defending a variety of claims in federal and state courts nationwide, including patent, trademark, copyright and trade dress infringement, trademark dilution, misappropriation of trade secrets, business disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, civil racketeering against C level executives, civil conspiracy, civil theft, Civil Rights Act claims, constitutional law claims, foreign discovery disputes under 28 U.S.C. §1782, shareholder’s derivative actions, securities fraud, and various election and political issues. Our firm operates more efficiently than our competitors, we embrace the most current technology and case management techniques to meet the demands of modern day litigation, and Our Staffing model allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions to clients in even the most document-intensive cases.

Our Litigation practice is divided into three areas: Business Litigation, Election and Political Litigation, and Intellectual Property Litigation.

Business Litigation

Our Business Litigation practice is focused on assisting clients with business torts, such as fraud, negligent misrepresentation, commercial contracts, construction contracts, tortious interference with contract, unfair trade practices, and the federal and state civil racketeering laws.

Election and Political Litigation

Our Election and Political Litigation practice is focused on assisting clients with alleged violations of campaign finance laws in federal and state courts, as well as defense of clients in administrative enforcement proceedings before the Federal Election Commission and State and Local Election Commissions.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Our Intellectual Property Litigation practice is focused on assisting clients with the full range of intellectual property services, from patent litigation suits in federal courts for inventions in the mechanical arts that suffer infringement, trademark infringement and dilution on behalf of fashion designers seeking to seize and remove knock-offs from the market, copyright litigation under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for improper use of original works of authorship on the Internet, and trade secret litigation for misappropriation of a company’s most valuable assets. Simply put, we are not afraid of difficult cases.

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