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Music Law

Music law encompasses all aspects of the music industry, including record labels, artists, performers, publishers, merchandisers, and live venues. Music attorneys do much more than review contracts and advise clients about the law: they structure deals and shape artists’ business lives.

In an age where digital sampling of music is relatively easy to accomplish, copyright infringement is an unfortunate reality for musicians. Copyright law is often overlooked and misunderstood as a form of legal protection for musicians because copyright laws are riddled with difficult issues, such as when copyright protection expires. Publishers also have their own unique set of legal issues, ranging from securing commissions for new artists, making royalty payments, and taking legal action against those who use music in the absence of a license.

Watson LLP represents several influential DJs in the electronic dance music (EDM) arena, and we focus our music law practice on the interests of EDM artists and promoters who are faced with complex legal issues both in the United States and abroad, with respect to licensing and venue agreements, copyright registration and infringement, royalties, and publishing.

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