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Sports Law

Sports law is the breadth of law that addresses the needs of amateur, professional, and international athletes, team owners, and promoters that culminate in unique ways, which implicate labor, contract, antitrust, tort, regulatory and privacy law. Contract law in particular plays a vitally important role in the world of sports because the most important relationship in the industry is that between individual players and team owners.

Sporting entertainment is big business, and sports lawyers are challenged to look beyond the excitement of the industry and focus on the technical issues behind the athletic events. In the world of sports, there is no such thing as a typical transaction because each deal is driven by the individual interests of the athlete. Sports law is often high profile and dynamic, driven by the public’s interest in particular athletes, adorning the jerseys of their favorite teams, or in particular sports such as soccer, that have growing popularity in the United States.

Watson LLP’s clients include professional boxing promoters, and our sports law practice is focused entirely on sports licensing and litigating contractual disputes concerning amateur, professional, international athletes, team owners, promoters, and coaches involved in any sport.

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