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Trademark Prosecution

Trademark Prosecution refers to the process of drafting and filing trademark applications with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and, if necessary, responding to challenges to the application. A trademark is a “thing” that allows consumers to distinguish between one company’s products and services from another. Trademarks can be words, logos, phrases, symbols, or tag lines that identify goods and services.

Businesses build their brands and reputations with customers through the use of trademarks in commerce. Trademarks give consumers assurance of a consistent level of quality every time a customer buys goods or services bearing a particular mark. Too often, businesses overlook the value in protecting their brand due to tight budgets; however, establishing a strong brand is pivotal to a business’ success. So securing the brand should be one of the first steps, and perhaps the most important investment in any company’s goodwill.

Watson LLP assists clients in all industries with registering their marks with the USPTO to build and protect their brands. We do not attempt to compete with law firms offering trademark prosecution for a uniform, flat fee irrespective of the needs and goals of the underlying client because we do not consider our clients’ trademark filings to be routine, administrative matters. Instead, we offer a customized strategy unique to each client to help them obtain the strongest marks that are immediately protectable, registrable, and defensible to potential challenges by competitors down the road.

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