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Video Game Law

Video game law gives rise to intellectual property, contracts, licensing, employment, privacy, security, and constitutional law, in the context of video game development. Video game law issues have invaded federal courts throughout the country and have even found their way to the United States Supreme Court, who recently held that the attempted State regulation of video games as having impermissible violent content is an unconstitutional restriction on expression under the First Amendment.

When average consumers play video games on Xbox 360, or a similar gaming platform, they probably do not realize just how many thorny legal and business issues lay behind the amazing graphics and catchy music embedded in the game. Digital gaming is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, so it is unsurprising that intricate legal issues are beginning to emerge, particularly in the area of virtual worlds. Virtual currencies inside virtual worlds are one of the major issues that video game lawyers deal with on a daily basis, and increasingly, protecting against the use of gaming platforms to avoid the anti-moneylaundering laws and financial reporting requirements under the Bank Secrecy Act.

Watson LLP, with offices in all major gaming and interactive media centers in the United States, is uniquely positioned to serve the video game industry nationwide. Our video game law practice is focused on assisting startup and established video game developers and publishers with legal issues such as copyright of the game’s code, works for hire and copyright transfers, patent prosecution of technology, trademark prosecution of logos, domain name registration and the enforcement of cybersquatting rights, licensing, publicity rights, privacy rights, and constitutional law.  We are active in in legal developments nationwide in video game law through our blog, Arcade 2.0™.

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